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Make your family tree with a Free Trial to the world's largest and fastest growing family history community.

Family Tree Chart
Print a four-generation family tree chart.

Family Tree Maker 2005
The no. 1-selling family tree software allows you to create, print and share your family tree in many different styles and formats.

Family Tree Templates
Free printable templates, forms, charts, diagrams and more to help organize your family tree research.

Family Tree Research Terms
Learn the meanings terms and symbols used in making a family tree.

The No.1 Family Tree Software!

Getting Started is as Easy as Build, Search, Design, and Share!

1. Build Just fill in the names of your family — parents and siblings, grandparents, aunts and uncles and you're on your way.
2. Search Family Tree Maker uses the information you've entered and automatically searches for more of your ancestors.
3. Design Instantly create a variety of trees, reports, and more--your family and friends will be delighted!
4. Share Easily share your family trees, books, and reports with relatives.
Key Features

Getting Started is Fast & Easy
Family Tree Maker's Getting Started tutorial guides you step-by-step through entering data, searching for your ancestors, preserving important family information and stories, and creating unique family trees and books to display your legacy.

Pedigree View
Family Tree Maker's new Pedigree View allows you to quickly and easily navigate your family tree. You can view up to seven generations or as few as three. When navigating to other generations in your tree, animation will help you see how the tree is changing, so you won't get lost.

Family View
Family Tree Maker's Family View makes it easy to enter and view information about a single family unit. You can easily add more details and notes about an individual or a marriage, photographs or other images, additional spouses or other family members, and sources of your information.

Store Countless Facts
Store a virtually unlimited number of facts for every individual in your Family File. We've already created fact categories (like births, deaths, marriages, emigration, etc.) so it's simple to use.

Multimedia Scrapbook
Every person in your Family File can have his or her own digital Scrapbook. Store and display almost any type of information — including sound, video, and text files — along with a wide variety of graphic formats.

View Two Family Files Simultaneously
View, compare, and edit Family Files side-by-side. You can check for similarities and differences between your files and ones you receive from family members or other genealogists, before or after merging.

One-Click Searching to Find Leads on Your Ancestors
Family Tree Maker's web search feature will automatically search for more information on the people in your tree, and will rank the results to easily identify the ones that are most likely to be your ancestors. The FTM Web Search Report makes it easy to compare the information found online with the people in your tree, so you can quickly determine which information is relevant to you.

Web Merge Process
Merging and appending data from the web has never been easier. Now Family Tree Maker takes the guesswork out of merging. An easy to use wizard guides you through the incorporation of each new record you find. You can either accept Family Tree Maker's recommendations and add the new data in one step, or you can use the wizard to choose which information to add and whether to make the data ‘preferred' or ‘alternate' information. None of your existing information will be overwritten.

Save Time
One of the most difficult tasks of family historians is finding the time to research and learn more about their family trees. Family Tree Maker 2005 can save you valuable time and makes searching for and finding ancestors easier than ever. Once you begin entering family names and building your tree, and as long as you're connected to the Internet, Family Tree Maker is working for you.

Search Tips Customized for Your Research
Let Family Tree Maker's Search Tips help you find your next research success. From vital records, to national and international archives, online resources, and more — the ideas keep coming.

Customize Your Charts and Reports
Showcase your family history with your own personal, stylish touches. Choose from a variety of professionally designed templates, add memorable photos, and embellish your printouts with your favorite colors, fonts, and box and border styles. Even create multimedia trees complete with audio and video clips.

Countless Heirloom-Quality Printouts
Display your family history with Family Tree Maker's wide array of attractive trees, reports, maps, and more — from one-of-a-kind personal keepsakes to beautiful heirloom-quality printouts.

All-in-One Tree
The All-in-One tree allows you to display every member of your Family File in one continuous tree. Create one for your next reunion — your family and friends will be delighted.

Maps and Timelines
Trace your family's journey through time and across continents. Maps display the various location in which your ancestors lived, while Timelines display your ancestors against the historic milestones that helped shape their lives — and yours.

Family Books
Family Tree Maker lets you combine your favorite printouts into a book, then automatically generates a Table of Contents, Index, and more. Print a keepsake copy for a loved one or publish it on your own personal Home Page to share with everyone.

Professionally Designed Templates
Take advantage of professional artwork to help you create beautiful family trees for gifts or display.

Share Your History with Friends & Family
Using Family Tree Maker's export features, you can easily share your family trees, books, and reports electronically with relatives that do not own Family Tree Maker. Family Tree Maker allows you to output your information to PDF, GEDCOM, spreadsheet, and text file formats.

Publish your tree on the Internet
Share your findings on a FREE User Home Page on A home page wizard makes the process a snap – just choose which individuals you want to include and the page will be created in minutes.

Other tools include:

  • Date calculator rapidly calculates ancestor's birth dates, ages of relatives at special events, and the day of the week that these events took place.
  • Improved Family File Statistics box gives you interesting facts about the family tree you are working with, including the total number of individuals, number of marriages, average lifespan, earliest birth date, and number of text records.
  • Relationship calculator
  • Research journal
  • "To Do" List

Critical Acclaim and User Endorsements

Accolades for Family Tree Maker 2005

  • PC Magazine Editors' Choice Award.
    • Very easy to use and loaded with features
    • Search results are rated for accuracy
    • Complete publishing center
    • Lots of extras
  • The "All Star Software" award from the highly respected Children's Software Revue.
  • The Computer Times Editors' Choice Award.
  • Named as a finalist for the Best Personal Productivity/Creativity Product 2003 Codie Awards.

Accolades for Previous Versions

  • Finalist, Best Personal Productivity/Creativity Product 2001 Codie Awards
    "For...users looking for guidance on today's most innovative and effective software and digital content products and services, they need look no further than the finalists for the 2001 Codie Awards..."  Read More
  • CNET Editors' Choice, October 2000
    "...Family Tree Maker is the must-have genealogy research assistant...the best genealogy program on the market...FTM is perfect for beginners..." 
  • Dick Eastman Author of Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter
    "Family Tree Maker has been America's #1-selling family tree program for a number of years. I suspect that Version 10 will continue to earn that popularity. It is easy to use, produces gorgeous charts, and is tightly integrated with the Web. I suspect that Version 10 will appear under a lot of Christmas trees this year."
  • Karen Clifford - Certified Genealogist
    "An excellent tool... Family Tree Maker has something for everybody."
System Requirements

Component Minimum Requirements
  CPU 166 MHz Pentium (300 MHz recommended).
  Operating System Microsoft Windows 98/ME/XP Home Edition.
  RAM 32MB (64 MB recommended).
  Free Disk Space 150 MB free hard disk space before installation.
  CD-ROM Drive 2X CD-ROM drive or faster.
  CD-RW Drive Required for Backup to CD feature. Must be 4X write speed or faster.
  Monitor 640x480 display, 256 colors (or higher)
  Mouse Microsoft compatible
  Internet Access Required to access online data and features minimum 28.8 Kbps connection speed.User is responsible for all Internet access fees and phone charges.

Optional Devices
  Video capture board and sound board for video or audio clips.
  Scanner for digitizing graphic images.
  Digital camera.
  Works with most popular printers (monochrome and color) supported by Windows.

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